World’s Fattest Man Released From Hospital After Life Saving Surgery. Photos



The world’s heaviest man has been discharged from the hospital feeling ‘happy and motivated to go back home’ after undergoing stomach surgery to help him lose weight.

Juan Pedro Franco, 32, in a press conference before leaving the hospital located in the city of Zapopan, in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, said: ‘I hope everything is going to be fine, without problems, and that I will be able to do everything and that it works properly, doing what I am being told to do and what I have to do’.


The man, who is from the city of Aguascalientes, weighs 420 kilogrammes (926 lbs) and underwent surgery on 9th May to reduce his stomach so that it would have the capacity of a glass of wine (around 25 centimetres) instead of the five-litre capacity it had before.


He weighs 420 kilogrammes (926 lbs) and underwent surgery on 9th May to reduce his stomach

Franco received the press lying in bed in hospital, smiling and making jokes with the hospital staff with whom he usually sings and plays his guitar.


Jose Antonio Castaneda, the doctor who treated Franco, said that his recovery is ‘favourable’ and that he has had a surprisingly good ‘evolution’ since the first day of surgery.

Franco has a soft diet of baby food that he has assimilated properly, and also some nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Franco will lose weight thanks to the gastric bypass, but he will take around 18 months to be able to start to walk again, as he has had problems in his legs that do not allow him to walk and move properly.



Franco dreams of being able to walk again after being trapped in a bed for years. He has felt some changes in his body after the operation and said: ‘I move a bit better, I breathe better now, I can speak without problems.’

The young man weighted 595 kilogrammes (1,311.75 lbs) and is said to be committed and aware that his case is a special case.


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