The Masses are Responsible For Nigeria’s Problems – Solomon Dalung


Minister of Youth and Sports, Barrister Solomon Dalung on Friday said the masses are responsible for the nation’s socio-economic problems.

He said this while speaking with newsmen at the 2017 annual Friendship and Dialogue Dinner organised by the UFUK Dialogue Foundation.

He said the problems in the country were caused by the people in the lower cadre.

“The problem basically is down the social stratum. At the base, we have majority of people who cannot tolerate one another, who cannot appreciate one another and have difficulty in appreciating the faith of others. If we continue to meet at this level we will continue to recycle the same method that has not yielded results. As leaders, we need to move out and engage the people at the bottom of the social stratum,” Dalung said.

“We must take a deliberate step, lest we are consumed. There are already signals of opposing agitations – asking for a republic, quit notice, all these are issued by people who were born after the civil war. We want one united Nigeria,” Dalung added.

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