Shocking! Jehovah’s Witness Preacher Allegedly Impregnated By New Convert


A female preacher with the Jehovah’s Witnesses church has been impregnated by the very person she was preaching to.
The 23-year-old female Jehovah Witness preacher simply identified as Ophelia was allegedly put in the family by a man, Kwame Asare Obeng, whom she was preaching to.
According to, members of Kingdom Hall of Kwadaso in Kumasi, Ghana were shocked when Ophelia mentioned to the elders who really was responsible for her 3-months pregnancy.
Ophelia claimed although she goes to Obeng’s place with her father to preach to him twice a week, she and the primary school teacher have been in love.
She also said they always hads*x whenever her dad does not go with her to Obeng’s place, instead of studying.
The Jehovah Witness is said to be strict with rule of not allowing female preachers to deal with men, in order to avoid this kind of situation.
But Ophelia’s father went against it anytime he needs to relax instead of observing his proselytism.

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