RIP :Husband hangs himself after wife refused to give him TV remote


A man became extremely distraught because his wife refused to hand him the remote control of his home TV, according to police in India.

Bhopal police said that they have launched a suicide investigation under section 174 of the penal code after the deceased’s wife and other family members found the man hanging from the ceiling in their home.

According to the preliminary investigation, 30-year-old Shankar Vishwakarma worked at a boutique hotel.

Vishwakarma’s wife told police that her husband was an alcoholic and would get angry and upset over small matters.

On Saturday, when Vishwakarma came home from work, he wanted to watch TV and asked his wife for the remote.

His wife asked him to first have dinner with her and he agreed.

After dinner, his wife still refused to hand over the remote.

She told him that it would be better if he went to rest in bed.

Vishwakarma went into his bedroom and shut the door.

After a few hours, Vishwakarma’s wife went to check on her husband.

She went into the bedroom and was shocked to see her husband hanging by a rope from the ceiling.

She immediately called the police.

Vishwakarma was declared dead at the scene.

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