Native Doctor Takes Girlfriend Swimming, Shows Her Off on Social media


A Native doctor has taken to social media to show off one of his girlfriends, as he took her swimming while they were on a date.

Native Doc 0?resize=600%2C800

According to the proud owner of “Chi Marine Temple” based in the eastern part of Nigeria, he does not believe in having only one girlfriend.

He wrote: “She is my for now I don’t believe in one love many are coming with special arrangement with the gods, don’t ask much the materials is there.”

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He added that time has passed when people think that native doctors don’t use Air conditioners in their house as he is different from the old dispensation of native doctors.

He wrote:

“Days are gone were you believe that traditional doctor are not sleeping with AC or hang out with friends. Because I can never serve the gods that did not want my happiness.”

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