Narrative of an 11-yr- old Eiye confraternity boy who can hack anybody down (Photos and video)


Tony Rapu, medical practitioner and a Pastor of This Present House, a popular church in Lekki, Lagos – has shared a video footage of a young Nigerian boy identified as Shanawole, who was rescued from the streets during a recent God Bless Nigeria/Freedom Foundation rehabilitation mission.

little boy who belongs to Eiye confraternity

The 11-year-old boy who says he belongs to Eiye confraternity and smokes marijuana well – revealed that if anyone messes with him or his group, it’s his job to kill the person/hack the person down. He also said that if anyone tries to fight them, he and his boys will hit the person very hard.

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The young boy who also claimed to be a robber – has been taken off the streets and is undergoing rehabilitation.

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