My daughter is eight months pregnant for me what should i do, please i need your help: getting it right with UNOROH.A.STEPHEN.


I am telling my story so you people can give me advice on how to go about my situation.My name is chief passman  am from  the niger delta area of Nigeria ,am 58 years old am a business man who travel a lot around the country and overseas. I have a passion for slender women and fair in completion they are my spec and I like to change the women , when they give birth to children I look for a replacement .in this way I looked back and checked my polygamous empire and you can’t imagine I have about  65 children from  30 women. I have a big register where I put the women’s name so when they give birth I write the name of the child against the mothers name that’s how I know them when they come visiting. I have been a man much talked about because of my numerous women, and women fight over me so I give them attention,. I am lord in my own empire and am happy over it. Let me tell you people something that brought about my given birth randomly.

am the only child of my  parents and my  parents are only children of their own parents too. One day when I was sixteen my mum sat me down and told me the history of our family and how she wants me to be father of many children like father ABRAHAM , I asked her mother what are you saying and she said ; passman I don’t want you to have only one child as we have only you ; I was shocked at what she said and to prove further what she has just told me was a girl I thought was like a daughter to her always at our house on her beck and call by name  EBIERE.

I had always taken  EBI  for short as my sister we virtually did everything together  and run errands for my parents .we were almost of the same age she is fifteen  ,fair and slender in shape I had never known a woman come to talk of calling a woman my love but EBIERE had been told that she would one day be my wife , now I saw the reason why my parents always send food items and during festive periods my parents send me to take the local gin ogogoro and tubers of yams and palm wine to EBIERE”S father, when I ask my parents what’s the reason for all this they tell me when its time I would know what it means . for the first time I noticed the beauty in EBIERE when my mom told me she is the girl that has been groomed to marry you ,I was ashamed but she held my hand and said “ PASSMAN I LOVE YOU “ I was ashamed at first but I had to take the offer because I had always hear people talk about having a girl as a lover and always wished for that day to come but here I am with a girl on a platter of gold no hide and seek , from that moment  we were officially allowed to sit in dark places alone and do our things our own way. My dad was supportive because I was a virgin and even her he told me of how I would start to handle a woman, how women are weaker vessels and the first steps to take if I want to make a baby. I followed my dad’s instructions and advice like a good student and saw that I was in another world entirely and it was fun, not knowing that’s the beginning of my exploration with women. We were very fond of each other as months rolled by I saw she was always vomiting every morning and I was scared, I called my mom and told her of EBIERE vomiting every morning, my mum came to my room and asked her some few questions that’s how I heard my singing from inside and in the process congratulating me. I was shocked and when she was done singing she said in no distance time I will become a father, I was surprised and the same time happy because I saw I had made my mum proud and happy. Least I forget I was preparing to join my uncle in Lagos, where I was to continue my schooling in a polytechnic.

My uncle came when EBIERE was nine months pregnant and I had to go with him to Lagos where I was to start another life, I was so attached to EBIERE that I needed a replacement because I was addicted to sleeping with a woman always, my escapade has just begun. I was now a lover boy armed with the teachings from my father on ways to talk to a woman I tried it in Lagos and this brought about problems daily because when the parents of the girls come shouting ,my uncle will tell them to  hold their daughters. In less than four months in Lagos I had gotten three girls pregnant, I ran one morning back to my village when the pressure was becoming too much and my EBIERE was happy to have me back, she had a baby boy and I was happy to be a father at the age of seventeen, but my escapades with women were so much that I continued from where I stopped in Lagos.

One evening I saw people walking towards our house and in their mist I recognized my uncle and the three girls that were my sex machines’ back in Lagos   they were heavily pregnant, I wanted to run but I had to face my music I had played, my EBIERE was so mad at me and was crying,I didn’t know what to say my mum came to my rescue and welcomed all of them, they talked and the girls were left to stay in our house till day give birth. Now I was going to really be the father of many children, I stopped schooling and joined my father in his trade which he was so successful and I had to learn fast because I was already becoming the father of many nations. After my tutorship from my father I decided to establish in the city so I expand my business ,but I told my women I will go there first and when am settled I will come for them which they all agreed.

My going to the city God really blessed the works of my hands I expanded and had a big estate of my own where I brought my family to stay with me by now I had twelve children. I was deep into woman affairs that even people who know me call me by the name commissioner of women affairs, it was so apparent that any woman I talk to I must have her and when you are so fond of me I leave you with an everlasting gift, a baby to remember me for the rest of your life. I went on and on traveling round and catching my fun and by so doing enlarging my family with kids, but one thing I never forgot was to make sure I give my children their name and write it against their mothers name. I was growing old and growing worse because my love for that age bracket I met my first love never departed from my memory, I always wanted younger girls and slender ladies.

Now to the main story, I met this beauty queen from the very moment I saw her I wanted her as my lover as usual but she gave me tough time because I was much older now so my money was doing the magic for me, she told me what will she be doing with an old chap like me I then replied, this old chap has all it takes to satisfy you physically and financially. With no distance time we were dating I became so fond of her that whenever am traveling or going out for occasions she is always by my side ,I never asked her where her parents were because no parent will be happy to see me and her daughter with my age difference. I practically rented an apartment for her where I was most of the time and said to my self this is my last bus stop for women. I told myself I will finally settle down with her , but when I asked her about her parents she would tell me I should forget , we went on and on and she was pregnant for me . I was happy I had finally got my wish , when the pregnancy was seven months I was able to persuade her with one of her friends who I met her with the first day , to take me to her parents let me do the necessary thing and have her officially as my wife.

A day was fixed and we set out to her home town which was in the eastern part of Nigeria, I bought all the necessary things to give to my in-laws to be and in the company of her friend and one of my own friend we travelled down to the eastern part , when we got there she was the first to go inside the house to inform her people of our arrival and our intensions before will be ushered into the house . It took about thirty minutes before she came back and we were asked to come . as we entered into the house which I later understood was her grandfather’s house we were asked to sit down and while I sat from the open curtain I heard my name chief, I looked very closely and discovered it was AMARACHI , I had met her in one of the parties in town back in port Harcourt and after a one night stand that was the last I saw of her and now am meeting her for the second time . I asked how you are and is this your place, only for my pregnant wife, who later happens to be my own daughter asked her, ‘mama do you know chief ‘and immediately she said, that’s your father ;my wife to be who is pregnant for me which happens to be my daughter fainted ,now I am confused I don’t know what to do ,should I remove the pregnancy which is eight months or ,am just confused pls tell me what to do before I kill my self.



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