Ibo man vows to start killing from his friends, once IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, gives the go ahead



An over zealous Biafra supporter took to Facebook to voice out his vows to start killing once his leader gives the go ahead.

The user, Dominic Henry, wrote;

Charity they say begins at home, my fellow freedom fighters (biafrans) it’s high time we start wiping out sabourtures from our land to avoid what happen in 1967 to repeat its sef.
Am waiting for the day our director will give us the order, i will start killing from my friends. I rest my case. I day vex.

This is a cause for alarm as the call for Biafra continues growing louder.

A quick look at his Facebook page shows he’s a biafra addict… See screenshot of images found on his profile.

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