Horror As Boy Commits Suicide After Finding Out His Sugar Mummy Is His Biological Mother



There was sad news in Mpumalanga last Friday after a 26 year old boy ‘blessee’ ended up commiting suicide after he had se_x with her long lost mother.

Baleseng Makgaba lost his mother when he was still a minor and had to be raised by his father up to date.

The father described Mrs Makgaba (sug_armummy) as an irresponsible mother and a coward who caused the death of their own son.The father added that Baleseng never got to know his mother since she left years back only to meet last Friday in the bar.

After having hooked up in the bar they went on to have se_x at the place where the boy is renting As they left the house the next morning the youngman’s father accidentally met with the two and identified Mrs Makgaba and later informed the boy about his ‘sugarmu_mmy’ who could not stomach the disturbing news and later committed suicide.


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