Daily Empowerment &Motivation with A.A Omoifo: Thursday Insight


Religion was essential as it was the first introduction we all had to the foundational truth of life and reality, but we are not meant to stop at religion, we are supposed to go beyond religion into the deeper truth of the reality of our lives which creates oneness.

In Christianity, we call it Christlike (embodying the true identity, personality, power, love, authority, and life of God). Becoming exactly like the father, which is what true sonship is. This is not a religious idea, they are words that express the deep truth of our divine nature.

We are all divine. We all come from one divine source, but by design, it was created that we somewhat loose our sense of self-knowledge (our divinity) as we entered into this physical space. The aim of this earthly journey is to rediscover ourselves. To find out the truth of who we really are and embody that truth. In other to attain singularity we had to be separated from the whole (God) by freewill.

We all know ourselves as singular entities or beings because of freewill. Freewill is the ability to be independent and separate, but freewill was only instituted so that consciousness might take up many forms and know itself as that form and then through a systematically designed journey in that form, come to know itself as one with the whole and the divine (God).

The journey of life is to truly find and embody our divine intimacy and connection with the Father God (the source of all life) and this is done by truly understanding and embodying our oneness with every other manifestation of the Father. When we truly understand that we are one, we begin to see the truth of the whole (God).

Augustine A. Omoifo.

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