7 Ways you can maintain and live in a healthy relationship .Getting it right with UNOROH.A.STEPHEN.


Maintaining and staying in a healthy relationship is one of the greatest things a good and quality relationship deserve. having a successful and healthy relationship , you have to work towards it if you just fold your arms and let it work then you should be ready for a heart break. Know that you can only change yourself not your partner, most argument comes from our fears about our partners. Understand that men and women reason differently and as such you have to tolerate, honor each other every day. Anger is a waste of time it will just destroy you, find away to become best of friends and stay healthy. The following tips will help you and your partner creates and maintains a healthy relationship, speak up in a healthy relationship if something is bothering you.

1} BE OPEN: To live and stay in a healthy relationship you must be open to each other and the Way you communicate together matters, how you manage conflicts matters because you have to know how to speak to your partner. You must know when and how to speak to your partners and take note the best time to communicate is when you not with your phones, laptop or watching television.

2} COMPLEMENTS MATTERS: In every healthy relationship appreciation is a paramount thing, how you appreciate and say thank you. Be polite and appreciate every gesture with a hug, smile and kiss it brings you two very close and a stronger love bond. A few necessities and manners will go a long way to keep the love stronger and going smoothly.

3} EXERCISE: Couples who exercise together have more likely bond because of the closeness involved, you are mostly attached together and the healthy features are available for attraction. This triggers the sexual arousal for sex.

4} BE COMIC: Making your love life with your partner healthy and stronger, you have to make your lives filled with fun and laughter.   Create activities that can make your partner laugh and always want to be by you when he or she is down with one problem or the other. The physical act of laughing will make you both healthier and happier.

5] EAT TOGETHER: The families that stay together must always eat together; when you eat together you have the opportunity to check and know if your partner is going through any stress. The supper table is a very important time to be with your partner make it a habit to eat together and you will never loose that touch of closeness.

6} SEX, SEX AND SEX: This is the main kooky, when both partners are not sexually compatible then that closeness is not there you find one cheating on the other. Having sex always not only bonds you more but reduces tension and stress; it lowers blood pressure and gives a good sleep. So try as much as possible to have sex regularly in your relationship.

7} FIND A QUITE TIME TOGETHER: Relationships stay happier and healthy when both partner have quite times together, this is a time you both are alone in each others arms telling yourselves what you mean to each other , remembering how far you have come ,improving on your relationship and working out ways to better your relationship. With these simple techniques you will find out you will be happier than when you first met.



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