6 states are yet to pay workers salaries in 2017 -See List


A survey conducted by BudgIT has shown that six states of the federation have not paid their workers in 2017.

It was gathered that the survey covered teachers in primary and secondary schools, local government workers, state independent workers, pensioners and state secretariat workers.

The six defaulting states are:

1. Benue

2. Kogi

3. Abia

4. Oyo

5. Ondo

6. Ekiti.

In a statement released on Tuesday, June 6, the civic tech organization disclosed that workers in about 20 states were being owed while pensioners were yet to receive their entitlements ranging from one to thirty-six months.

The statement however singled out Lagos and Rivers for their consistency with their up to date and full payment of civil servants’ remuneration.

The statement read: “In particular, we discovered that many states have defaulted in the payments of pensions and gratuities.

“From the survey carried out, we discovered that apart from the fact that 16 states which are yet to pay the pensions of former civil servants in their service, 8 of these states have not paid their pensioners at least 12 months’ pensions, while states like Imo, Taraba and Niger owe pensions of about 2 to 3 years.

“Notably, these pensioners expressed how unhappy they are, their dissatisfaction with the government and how hard it has been for them to survive.

“In addition to outstanding pensions, we note from our survey that across all categories, states like Kogi, Abia, Benue, Oyo, Ekiti, and Ondo have not paid their workers’ salaries for this year 2017; owing at least 4 months’ salary. However, the likes of Lagos and Rivers have been consistently impressive with their up to date and full payment of civil servants’ remuneration.”

“There have been several newspaper publications on states’ civil servants being owed salaries and we are also aware that due to the recent economic downturn FAAC allocations to states and their internally generated revenue have reduced drastically making them unable to pay their staff salaries and run their states effectively.”

In response to the promise made by governors to pay salaries after another tranche of Paris Club refund is released, BudgIT asked the federal government to “tighten its accountability structures”.


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