2019 : Sule Lamido, Kwankwaso’s presidential bid in jeopardy as Atiku hijacks PDP’s soul 


Atiku’s return to the main opposition party, PDP is causing serious ripples in the party as a potential presidential aspirant, Alhaji Sule Lamido is said to have lost his grip on the party to Atiku.Sources allege that the former governor of Jigawa State is currently at the receiving end with the entry of Atiku.

Atiku it was gathered was pressured upon by the Northern Caucus of the PDP to return back to the party in exchange for the presidential ticket.

Atiku who made his return early enough before this weekend’s National Convention of the Peoples Democratic party is expected to give a speech at the convention which the source says is to the detriment of the presidential bid of Sule Lamido who they say is not slated to speak during the convention.

The source also said Atiku has the backing of the founding fathers of the Party led by General Ibrahim Babangida and most front-runners for the position of the National Chairman.

The leadership of PDP says an Atiku’s candidacy is a better option than that of Sule Lamido who has numerous court cases to contend with.But on the other hand, Atiku has contested for the Presidency a couple of times and successfully won all the court battles brought against him. The leadership of the party says it would need a tested Political heavyweight with a solid experience in the presidential contest who also has a strong financial chest to battle with the incumbent President Buhari.

Sule Lamido is said to be watching the political events as it unfolds.

Meanwhile Ex-Governor of Kano state, Rabiu Kwankwaso is said to cancel PDP as an option for contesting for the Presidency because of the Atiku factor.Kwankwaso who once defeated Atiku in APC’s last presidential primaries is said to be considering other political parties as an alternative.

Atiku’s early entry into PDP is said to have sealed the fate of KwanKwaso in returning to PDP to via for the presidency.

For now, the battle has shifted to the National Convention to be held this weekend.

The coming weeks would definitely give an insight on how things would unfold politically





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