£13million Tax fraud : C.Ronaldo accused by Spanish prosecutors of same crime as Leo Messi



Whatever Leo Messi can do, Cristiano Ronaldo can do better! Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is facing charges for alleged tax fraud of as much as £13million from Spanish prosecutors.

The case is based on four accounts of tax fraud between 2011 and 2014, and relates to Ronaldo allegedly covering up a chunk of his individual earnings.

The Portugal international could be in trouble for possible tax evasion, following similar recent charges for his long-time nemesis at Barcelona, Lionel Messi.

The Argentine forward and his father were given 21-month suspended sentences last summer, with Spanish laws seeing them avoid prison for a first-time offence and non-violent crime.

Messi was ordered to pay a fine of £1.7million after being found guilty, though this was

over a reported £3.19million hidden away from Spanish tax authorities.

Ronaldo’s case looks as though it could land him in deeper trouble if he too is found guilty of dodging tax through any illegal means.

Prosecutors are currently claiming that the 32-year-old has been knowingly hiding his personal income via a “business structure” created in 2010.

Ronaldo, who spent six years at Manchester United earlier in his career is one of the most successful and richest athletes on the planet after a record-breaking career at the very top level of European football.

The lawsuit is based on a report submitted to the prosecutor’s office from Spain’s tax agency AEAT and Ronaldo’s representatives are yet to issue a response to the allegations.

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